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- Todd Solondz (Welcome To the Dollhouse, Storytelling)

Official Selection: New Jersey Film Festival 2006, Cape May Film Festival 2006, Wildwood By the Sea Film Festival 2008, Connecticut Film Festival 2008, Naperville Film Festival 2008

Tomorrow Wendy Productions and
Snowy Mountain Productions

Lunch Break
"You know things are bad when you spend your day off going to a union meeting."

Production Photos by Kristy Lauricella (click to enlarge):
Tiffany Anne Carrin (Click To Enlarge)
Tiffany Anne Carrin
Tiffany Anne Carrin (Click To Enlarge)
Tiffany Anne Carrin
Tiffany Anne Carrin and Elise Falanga (Click To Enlarge)

Tiffany Anne Carrin and Elise Falanga
Tiffany Anne Carrin (Click To Enlarge)
Tiffany Anne Carrin

Written and Directed by
John W. McKelvey

Produced by
John W. McKelvey & Elise Falanga

Tiffany Anne Carrin
Elise Falanga
John W. McKelvey
Kelly Terrell
Angela T. Ryan
Jane Hardy

Photographed by
Elise Falanga

Music by

A working mother (Tiffany Anne Carrin) is faced with the unexpected arrival of an invasive documentary film crew (John W. McKelvey and Elise Falanga) and the prospect of losing her job as a cashier at a major supermarket, when a group of managers from out of town drop by for an "informal inspection."

That's Hollywood Movie Magic! (Click To Enlarge)
Tiffany, Elise & John make Hollywood Movie Magic!

John W. McKelveyJohn W. McKelvey is a writer, director and one of two co-founders of Tomorrow Wendy Productions. He produced and edited the film Barman with Bon Bock Productions, and wrote and directed the play Commander Space and the Lipstick Lesbians from Planet Earth at The Colly Soleri Music Center (Ampitheatre) in Arcosanti, AZ. He won OOBR's Off, Off Broadway Production Of the Year Award for his work in Alex Dawson's play Deep In the Jeeps of Georgia, and spent about two years working as a managing editor for The Source Magazine, interviewing rappers (for which he also won some awards). Lunch Break is his first film as writer/ director. John worked at a supermarket himself for approximately four years, and now co-owns The Raconteur, a used bookstore on Main St, Metuchen. Stop by sometime.



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Film NotesFilmed largely on location, sans permission, in a working supermarket in central New Jersey, Lunch Break was made by a crew of two: John W. McKelvey and Elise Falanga, who both shot the film and played themselves (more or less). The film was shot widescreen on a small, hand-held DV camera - so as not to attract the attention of management.

Since the film is presented in a realistic documentary style, it called for several long, unbroken takes (as long as 4 1/2 minutes) of difficult monologues delivered in a location we had no business filming in. So it was clear from the start that the leading role was going to require a very talented and dedicated actress. Fortunately, we found one. :) Tiffany Anne Carrin was one out of literally hundreds who put in for the role, and simply gave the best audition.

After auditions began a substantial rehearsal period in the Spring of 2005, with the cast and director getting together first in private, and then later in public (yes, in supermarkets), honing the naturalism of the extensive dialogue and kinetic camerawork. Eventually, filming was ready to begin, and the gang set out in early summer.

Well aware that acting is often the Achiles' heel of independent pictures, John decided it was important to cast an actress to fill the position of DP (as opposed to a DP playing the role). He planned on finding and setting up every shot himself, and just having Elise act as camerawoman, but it turned out she had an eye for composition and movement that gave the film a better look than John had even hoped for. In fact, midway through the shoot, Elise was so taken with how well the production was going, she decided to sign on as producer, making Lunch Break the first project for her new production company, Snowy Mountain Productions.

The music for Lunch Break was provided by Neila, a Hawaiian-based lyricist whose latest album, For Whom the Bells Crow, is out now on Nomadic Sound System Records.

28 minutes, color, DV
[opening scene shot on VHS]

widescreen (1.66:1)

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