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Official Selection New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2013 Our new short documentary film, Rap 'N' Reno, debuted at The New Jersey Film Festival 2013, where it won an award for the Best Student Film! Visit their site for details.
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Runtime: 28 min + bonus trailers
Region: All regions - Available worldwide
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A Meteorite for the Mantlepiece
Written and Directed by:
John W. McKelvey

A single mom comes home one day to discover astronauts are living in her son's bedroom. It's a musical feature with actual science experiments you can perform along with the film!

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"Earth is the cradle of the mind... but one cannot live in the cradle forever, Dad."

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"You know things are bad when you spend your day off going to a union meeting."

Lunch Break
Written and Directed by:
John W. McKelvey

A working mother is faced with the unexpected arrival of an invasive documentary film crew and the prospect of losing her job as a cashier at a major supermarket, when a group of managers from out of town drop by for an "informal inspection."

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